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Provided by bilingual (English-Polish), licensed and certified speech language pathologists. 

We provide services throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs in English and Polish for children and adults

Diagnozy i leczenie wad i zaburzeń wymowy.

We also offer telemedicine (telepractice) via our secure, HIPAA-compliant video chat system.

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Communicating our needs, thoughts, and sentiments is most mind-boggling of human practices, a procedure that can be influenced by hereditary genetic disorders, disease, injuries, or wounds that influence the brain or structures associated with the communication. At Speech-Language Pathology in Park Ridge, the staff survey and treat people with communication impairment.

They likewise evaluate and treat people who are encountering trouble gulping (dysphagia), as some of the structures that empower us to swallow are additionally associated with speech. Speech-Language Pathology in Park Ridge works together with numerous patient consideration groups all through the Health System.

Zones of Specialty

Neurogenic Communication Disorders:

This is of three types, Apraxia: This disorder creates difficulties in the motor which is needed to create speech. Aphasia: This disorder affect a person to understand the speaking and writing language. Dysarthria: This occurred due to weakness, miscordination between speech musculature.

Subjective Communication Assessment and Rehabilitation:

Assessing and planning treatment intends to improve the procedures that help correspondence: consideration, thinking and memory abilities.

Augmentative/Alternative Communication:

Assessing a patient’s capacity to utilize assistive (augmentative) specialized gadgets, including PC based gadgets, when the discourse is incoherent. Discourse Language Pathologists additionally help patients with tracheostomy and ventilator use in building up the perceptible discourse.


Swallowing hindrance.

Intraoperative Language Mapping:

Assessing patients during alert craniotomy to distinguish zones of the cerebrum basic for discourse and language capacities, before the medical procedure to evacuate a seizure center or mind tumour.

Laryngectomy Rehabilitation:

Regaining relational abilities after careful expulsion of the larynx (voice box), which may incorporate addition of and guidance being used of tracheoesophageal prosthetics for voice rebuilding.

Voice Therapy:

Designed to restore voice and avoid further damage to the vocal lines.
A Speech-Language Pathologist prepared in singing likewise takes part in the interdisciplinary Vocal Health Program.
About Your Evaluation Contingent upon your specific concern, an assessment may incorporate appraisal of 


Including the muscles utilized for talking, discourse sound generation, voice, reverberation (the measure of nasality in discourse) and discourse song (prosody).


The capacity to comprehend communicated in language. to comprehend the composed word; the capacity to express considerations in words and sentences, answer questions and take part in the discussion; the capacity to convey what needs to be recorded as a hard copy. Intellectual.


The capacity to take care of data, review data and to start and utilize language adequately, including understanding the effect of your words on others.

Dysphagia (Swallowing):

Assessment of the structures and developments associated with gulping. This appraisal may incorporate a video fluoroscopic assessment, finished with a Radiologist, in which an x-beam is utilized to watch the security and exactness of gulping.

Now and again, the Speech-Language Pathologist may finish a Fibrotic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES), in which an endoscope is embedded to watch the gulping procedure. Consequences of the correspondence or gulping assessment are utilized to figure an individualized treatment program. As changes in discourse, language or gulping capacities may flag a sickness procedure, consequences of the appraisal are conveyed to your doctor to aid restorative assessment and patient training. So visit Speech-Language Pathology in Park Ridge now!